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Every year, the beginning of June marks the end of the nesting season - and you know what that means.


Yes!  Those pesky Canada Geese are on their way back.


Therefore, now is the time for us to draw your attention to the facts concerning flocking Canada Geese. Their negative effect on public health and the environment is an issue becoming ever more prevalent in conservation areas and in particular, ponds located in parks, schools, golf courses, stately homes and other public areas. 

Of specific concern are ponds that the Canada Geese congregate in that are visited extensively by children and the elderly.


We hope that by alerting you to this issue it will help to focus attention on the problem that these Canada Geese cause, one that Goosebusters can help you resolve.

We believe that the Goosinator remote control land and water craft should be an essential piece of equipment, to humanely encourage the Canada geese to populate more natural uninhabited nesting areas.

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