Some Facts
  • Canada Geese are a common sight around lakes, ponds, parks, stately homes and golf courses.

  • 400,000 of these birds now reside in the UK all year around with the population growing by 25% each year.

  • Nesting begins in March and April, usually along a water body’s riparian zone.

  • Geese can lay approximately three to six eggs in a clutch.The geese can live upwards of 24 years and can weigh approximately 6 kilos. 

Health Symptoms
  • Symptoms related to exposure to faeces causes the following illnesses in humans: stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, fever, muscle weakness and difficulty breathing.


  • Pets display the following symptoms should they drink the water: seizures, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

  • Reservoirs containing large algal blooms as a result of the vast amounts of faeces being produced by these birds are now suffering a phenomenon known as red tide - where algae becomes so numerous that it causes discolouration and also depletes oxygen in the water and releases toxins that cause illness to humans and other animals.

Our Solution

At the present time there is only one successful and humane method to drive away Canada geese from public areas.

One must use the behaviour modification method provided by Goosebusters to encourage the flocks to move to natural and uninhabited areas by utilising the remote control “Goosinator Land and Water Craft”.  This craft is available to rent inexpensively and is 100% effective.

Our Fleet

We currently rent our fleet of Goosinator craft to schools, parks and golf courses and have thus far achieved a 100% success rate using our tried and trusted fear imprinting method to achieve behaviour modification in the Geese.


We would love to engage further with you on this issue and hope you will find a few moments to review the craft in action at the link below and click through to the attached leaflet which contains additional relevant information.

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